Tunisia Incident

tunisia incident wales

franceSousse beach incident, Tunisia, 26 June 2015 / Paris Attacks, 13 November 2015

Following the tragic events of Friday 26 June 2015, in the resort of Sousse, Tunisia and the Paris Attacks, 13 November 2015. The Welsh Government has requested that Cardiff and Vale, University Health Board, assist them in providing support to victims and families in Wales who may have been affected psychologically. A national helpline has been opened 0800 132737, where trained operating staff from CALL will be available 24/7 to provide advice and guidance about accessing help in your local area.

The Cardiff and Vale Traumatic Stress Service and Veterans’ NHS Wales have joined forces with other agencies, to develop an approach of identifying individuals who may have been affected and enabling them to access appropriate support and treatment when this is needed.


How can I access help?

In the first instance we recommend you follow the advice contained in the Sousse beach / Paris Attacks incident leaflet, which can be downloaded here, or request a copy is posted to you by using the contact form below or by email  or by telephone on 029 20 742 062. If you are concerned about your own symptoms or someone else, then we recommend you contact your GP in the first instance for advice and support.

Your GP may refer you on to other local NHS and other statutory services that can assist you in your recovery. Alternatively, you can self refer to Veterans’ NHS Wales which employs experienced psychological trauma therapists, by completing the on-line contact form below, by email, or telephone: 029 20 742 062.


How affected do I need to be to access help?

If you have been affected by the Sousse beach incident / Paris attacks and you are now having difficulty coping at work, or at home, or socially or having difficulties with normal relationships, then we advice you to read the Sousse beach incident / Paris attacks leaflet, follow its advice, and seek guidance from your GP.

A symptom checklist can also be downloaded here which will give an indication on how much you may have been affected. Please answer all the questions 1-10.  A score of 6 or more ‘Yes’ scores on questions 1-10 OR a score of 3 or more on questions 11 and 12 would suggest you should seek advice from your GP, or refer yourself to our specialist service by using the on-line contact form below,  or by email, or telephone: 029 20 742 062.




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