The Veterans and Reserves Mental Health programme (VRMHP)

The Veterans and Reserves Mental Health programme (VRMHP) was established in July 1993 (formally the Medical Assessment Programme (MAP)) to examine UK Gulf veterans who were concerned that their health had been adversely affected by service in the 1990/1991 Gulf Conflict. Defence Ministers have extended the role of the VRMHP in recent years to other groups of ex-service personnel so that they too may benefit from the knowledge and skills developed in assessing veterans with physical or mental health concerns. Eligibility criteria and further information can be found at


The purpose of the VRMHP is:

  • To assess, and attempt to understand, the physical and psychological difficulties experienced by ex-Service personnel presenting to the service
  • To provide advice to individuals and health professionals about the mental and physical health of veterans in their care
  • Where possible, to provide diagnoses and management strategies for individuals and the medical and mental health professionals involved in their care
  • To collate anonymous statistical information as a resource for study of this population by authorized researchers who have obtained the appropriate ethical clearance. No information about named individuals is given to third parties without written consent from the individuals concerned.


Please refer all cases to the following address:

Veterans and Reserves Mental Health programme
DCMH Colchester
Merville Barracks
Read Hall House

Freephone Helpline: 0800 0326258